Liang’s Salt Moxibustion System

Why was there an improvement in the state of health of many people with the first treatment with “Zhou Tian Fu Yang” – Moxibustion of Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM?

The body has accumulated “mucus” over many years. The circulation of the different liquids has been slowed down and impaired by coldness and wetness.
The body tries to evaporate and evacuate the bad things by heating with the help of it’s yang energy. If there is not enough yang energy, things will no longer be flushed out and the bad substances can be collected: first in liquid form, then slimy and finally in solid form. The “mucus” collects in the fat tissue around the organs.
The body has not enough energy, to “cook” the bad things, to mobilize and get rid through sweating and evaporation.

If the blood flow is very strong, the cold becomes warm. The wet is boiled and evaporated. If the opposite is the case, the wetness goes into the organs. It remains in the circulation.
It can still lead to poorer moisture transport between the cells and the lack of cell function, which leads to the fact that the body suffers very badly from O2 (oxygen) deficiency. If this is the case the body will try to survive by looking for a metabolism without O2. This metabolism without o2 is called the “sugar fermentation system”. The body becomes restless, tired, painful until one is not able to work and even not able to sleep. Sleep problems also mean that the problem is in the heart.

The treatment with Liang’s Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM Salt Moxibustion, with massive warmth on the little heavenly circulation, directly calls back the heart soul. In the sleep phase the soul comes back, the soul light comes back, connects all other spirits / souls of the organs in order to organize the systematic regeneration.

Notes: * According to Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM, humans have 5 souls. Each of these souls belongs to an organ and has its specific task, depending on the function of the organ that houses it.

** The heart is the most important organ of the body, hence the king and houses the upper soul »Shen«. It is responsible for the status and our handling of the problems of everyday life.